Nouf AL-Dhafiri & Sara Dashti what are you doing ?

dear costumers tell me what you think ?

this is some of our ramadan collection ..

and this is what nouf and sara did ?

you know what … just to make their collection nicer

they coped this piece too !

and here is some other pieces that they coped from our collection

be inspired don’t copy the exact piece ?

just to make their collection richer the coped some muhra dresses !

it feels nice to be a trendsetter and having fallowers ..

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9 Responses to Nouf AL-Dhafiri & Sara Dashti what are you doing ?

  1. alaa balkhyy says:

    plagiarism is unbearable!!!
    how could anyone do that? rainy 3ainak?

  2. Sabacha says:

    مشالله عليهم افكار ساره ولي تبعها اصليه ومبتكرا ما ستحو وهما يبيعون علي الناس وقولون تصاميمنا

  3. cookiyah says:

    mayse7 ila il sa7eee7….

  4. najla says:

    but yours are more classy and shows good choosing of colors ,, I love one of your draa’s in meblogging ,, you are the best ❤

  5. cofeQ8 says:

    ماشالله روعه
    حياكم بمدونتي

  6. F8806 says:

    I think its inappropriate to use full names on your blog, you should have use the name of their business instead and write “Polka Dot” to avoid legal action :). Just saying.

    • Fortunecookie says:

      if they were proud of their work they wouldn’t have a problem saying their name .. what they did was inappropriate by using other people work as theirs .. just saying 🙂

    • alaa balkhyy says:

      No its not inappropriate, whats inappropriate and a crime is plagiarism and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
      Stealing is stealing.

  7. Yona says:

    Mashalla to me your collection was by far the best ramadan collection last year ! but I wish this year you would have something with long sleeves and maxi lengths for us Mo7ajabat
    Best of luck !

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